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About MDE Staffing

Vehicle, Evaluators, Staffing, ServicesMDE Staffing Services Inc. was founded in 2007 by Barbara Koch to support the functions of MDE International and its additional customers. MDE Staffing employees are now contributing to the auto industry throughout the United States. MDE Staffing is a full service staffing and recruiting agency. MDE can provide a complete solution for a short term project or talented full time individuals for your team.  Our services are customized based upon each client’s specific needs.

Currently, MDE Staffing provides primarily drivers to its customers, or as MDE Staffing more accurately defines them "vehicle evaluators."  The focus on vehicle evaluators is mainly due to the vast amount of knowledge that the management team at MDE International, Inc. has in hiring and training these types of professionals.  This knowledge is derived from twenty plus years of vehicle testing experience, knowing exactly what type of people it takes to make fleet test programs operate efficiently and effectively with the highest standard of quality employees always in mind.  MDE Staffing’s commitment to safety, hiring standards and vehicle evaluation training make us unique from any other staffing company. MDE maintains a database of specially skilled and well versed candidates to choose from.

What Our Customers Are Saying:

MDE Staffing saved the day!
- William Conger, Link Engineering

MDE Staffing Bus Drivers have been top notch!
- Raymond Babisch, Detroit Diesel

MDE Staffing is a pleasure to work with.
- Vickie Jaje, MPG

What Our Staff is Saying:

Professional, Employees, Drivers"I like to work at MDE because the employees are not treated like a number; everyone can interject ideas and the ideas will be examined and, if good, will be implemented. It makes me feel like part of the company, part of something important."
- Clarence Westfal

Professional, Drivers, Agency"I have enjoyed working with MDE Staffing Services.  The site personnel and management are easy to work with and create a positive work environment.  Working with MDE Staffing gives me the opportunity to drive various types of equipment and work with engineers, mechanics and prototype vehicles."
- Chuck Elkerton

Staffing, Services, Professional"It's rare that you find a job that you love getting up and coming into work everyday and it's a plus when you enjoy the people you work with on a day to day basis." 
- Clenton Tunson

Valued, Employment, Services"Every day is unique in its challenges and there is a clear sense of accomplishment when it is over."
- Pontus Nestell