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Our Services

Automotive / Manufacturing & Testing
To enhance the productivity, quality and efficiency of our customers, MDE provides staffing solutions for an array of industries. We provide technical support, professional and administrative staffing solutions (temporary or permanent) to meet any requirements. 

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  • MDE Staffing is a full service staffing and recruiting agency.  We provide a complete solution for a short term project or talented full time individuals for your team.
  • MDE, with its engineering expertise and automotive testing heritage (50 Years), produces a superior service that has the most comprehensive understanding of your testing needs
  • MDE is a Michigan based, woman owned, ISO 9000 Environment Company.
  • MDE Staffing personnel are contributing to the auto industry throughout the United States.
  • Our services are customized based upon each client’s specific needs.
  • For complete testing solutions please visit www.mdeintl.com

Vehicle Evaluators

Our automotive testing heritage - spanning 50 years - equals training programs with advanced safety techniques only MDE can offer. Our vehicle evaluators are highly trained for safety and reporting skills.

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  • MDE Staffing specializes in vehicle evaluation drivers.
  • MDE Staffing delivers quality services to our customers and employees with a personal touch.
  • Customer Service is our number one goal!
  • Database, process automation creates efficiencies and improves service delivery.
  • Thanks to our rigorous hiring process, driver training, and safety programs, every MDE vehicle evaluator will be well prepared for a variety of challenges: vehicles, weather, road conditions, and extreme environments
  • MDE can customize a staffing program based upon your needs!
  • Whether you hire a few people a year or need an entire workforce MDE can manage your program.
  • You will be provided with:
    •  Single point of contact
    •  Standardized pricing
    •  Reduced alternative recruiting cost
    •  Completely dedicated staff to expedite your needs and ensure a smooth hiring process and functional team.